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Last Updated: 10/9/2017

Dry Cleaner Fees

Dry Cleaning Registration Fee

Most dry cleaning facilities must register for and pay the Dry Cleaning Registration Fee each October. The fee is based on the dry cleaning facility's “full-time equivalence (FTE) rate”.

The rate is determined by the total hours worked by employees, owners, partners, and any others at the facility from July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current year divided by 2,000 (the number of hours a full-time employee works during a year). 

For more information, see Dry Cleaning Registration Fee.

Dry Cleaning Solvent Fee

Suppliers of particular dry cleaning solvents collect and remit a fee based upon the volume of products sold.
For more information, see Dry Cleaning Solvent Fee.


Dry Cleaning Solvent Use Fee

If a dry cleaning solvent supplier doesn't collect the fee, the dry cleaning facility must pay it.
For more information, see Dry Cleaning Solvent Use Fee.


Dry Cleaner Solvents Fact Sheet

For more information, see the Dry Cleaning Registration Fee and Solvent Fee Fact Sheet.

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