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Last Updated: 10/31/2016

Filing Electronically

File the Auto Theft Prevention Surcharge 

To file the surcharge in e-Services, your Internet browser must meet the Minnesota e-Services System Requirements.

To file, you'll need:

  • Your e-Services username and password
  • The number of vehicles you wrote policies for during the period (see below for details)

When you file the return, you'll receive a confirmation number, time and date stamp. You can use the confirmation number to search for your return request later. (Log in to e-Services.)

Number of vehicles

In the Auto Theft Prevention Surcharge online return, you must enter the total number of insured vehicles for every six months of comprehensive coverage.

For vehicles with policy terms longer or shorter than six months, refer to the table below.

​A ​B
Month(s) of Coverage

​Vehicle Count 

​1 ​.17
​2 ​.33
​3 ​.50
​4 ​.67
​5 ​.83
​6 ​1.00
​7 ​1.17
​8 ​1.33
​9 ​1.50
​10 ​1.67
​11 ​1.83
12 ​2.00


If you have questions about filing and paying through e-Services, contact us at or 651-556-3034.