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Last Updated: 3/16/2016

Filing Electronically

In e-Services there are two methods available to file your return

  • Key in your return data
  • Import a file containing return information using our predefined templates

Tax Return Templates

Templates are provided below if you choose to import your return (s).

  • ASR, Alcohol Sales on Reservations

  • LB37, Distilled Spirits and Wine Shipped into Minnesota

  • LB40, Malt Beverages Excise Tax Return

  • LB41, Excise Tax Return for Brewers

  • LB56DS, Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Return

  • LB56F, Farm Winery Tax Return 

  • LB56W, Wine Excise Tax Return

Each template contains a separate tab for each form and schedule that needs to be filed for that return type. 

NOTE: Complete the schedule tabs and not the main form. The template will automatically calculate the schedule and carry over the appropriate amounts to the main form.  On the LB56DS, LB56F and the LB56W you will need to enter the beginning Inventory and ending inventory to the main tab. Once you’ve completed the schedules, you should always check the main form in the first tab to verify the amounts and the calculated tax due.

If you are a small brewer that qualifies for the qualified brewer tax credit, enter this amount on line 9 of the LB41 Form.


  • Skip any rows or columns when entering or loading your return data

  • Include any special characters, such as underlines, parentheses, minus signs or dollar signs.

This will cause your return to error when it is loaded into our systems.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alcohol Beverage Taxes Unit 651-556-3036 or email us at

Microdistillery Excise Tax Return

For information on how to complete the Microdistillery Excise Tax Return Excel template, see Microdistillery Tax Return Instructions. For information on how to file the return in our e-Services system, see Microdistilleries.