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Last Updated: 7/15/2014

eCRV is the Preferred CRV Form for Submitters as of December 1, 2011

​eCRV is available statewide to submitters for sales in ALL counties and is the preferred method for submitting a certificate of real estate value.

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Submitters can create an eCRV, then:  

  • Submitters are directed on the receipt page to note their eCRV ID to provide along with the deed to the county or as part of the eRecording packet, if the county supports eRecording;
  • County will accept, process, and enter the county data on-line.  

Submissions of Current Multi-part Paper CRVs

  • At this time, counties must still accept the current multi-part paper CRVs that may be submitted.
  • Current multi-part paper CRVs follow the current paper process the county has in place.
  • Counties may request and direct submitters to use eCRV instead and before accepting the multi-part paper form. If the submitter creates an eCRV, no multi-part paper form should be accepted for the sale.

The eCRV Web site is located at: