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Last Updated: 4/4/2013

eCRV is the Preferred CRV Form for Submitters as of December 1, 2011

​eCRV is available statewide to submitters for sales in ALL counties.

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Submitters can create an eCRV, then:

  • Print a copy and give to counties;
  • Counties then follow the current paper process.  


  • Save and submit in an eRecording packet, if county supports eRecording;
  • Counties then print and follow the current paper process.


  • Provide the CRV ID with the deed if instructed on the receipt page;
  • Counties with login IDs review and accept on-line using eCRV.

Note: This last option is only available if the county has obtained eCRV login IDs for staff, tested eCRV to establish a new on-line workflow for processing eCRVs, and has gone to production with eCRV.

Again, all CRV submitters are encouraged to use eCRV to create CRV forms.

County processing of submitted eCRVs depends on their eCRV status

Counties taking no action and not in production with eCRV login IDs

FORM Use: Counties that have not taken action to go to production with login IDs to use the full eCRV system, will begin to receive printed paper eCRV forms, or e-Recorded eCRV forms, created by submitters instead of the current multi-part paper form. This is called a “FORM Use” county.

  • Submitters are directed on the receipt page to print or save the eCRV to submit to the county.
  • Counties receiving the printed eCRV form follow the current paper process (if receiving a PDF file the county should print it to follow the current paper process). The eCRV printout/PDF includes the county data section at the bottom. Example eCRV PDF.
  • The county would proceed with its current paper process.

Counties in production with eCRV login IDs for staff

FULL Use: Counties that have obtained login IDs, tested, and gone to production, will accept eCRVs on-line when submitters provide their eCRV ID with the deed (in whatever manner). This is called a “FULL Use” county.

  • Submitters are directed on the receipt page to note their eCRV ID to provide along with the deed to the county.
  • Once a county obtains login IDs in production, then all eCRVs are accepted on-line. The submitter need only provide the eCRV ID. The county data section is not part of the submitter PDF.
  • County will accept, process, and enter the county data on-line.

Note: For FULL Use counties, if the submitter provides the full eCRV (printed or PDF), the county will use it only as a receipt showing the eCRV ID. Once the eCRV is accepted on-line, the printed eCRV or PDF may be discarded.

Submissions of Current Multi-part Paper CRVs

  • At this time, counties must still accept the current multi-part paper CRVs that may be submitted.
  • Current multi-part paper CRVs follow the current paper process the county has in place.
  • Counties may request and direct submitters to use eCRV instead and before accepting the multi-part paper form. If the submitter creates an eCRV, no multi-part paper form should be accepted for the sale.

The eCRV Web site is located at: