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Last Updated: 11/14/2017

eCRV Weekly Sales

​eCRV Weekly Sales Extract

The files contained in the eCRV Weekly Sales Extract include the sales of property that have been submitted and accepted using eCRV each week. Only eCRVs that have been accepted by a county or city are included. The same information can be found in a more user-friendly format by using the Find an accepted eCRV feature (Public Search). The information in the weekly extract files is in XML format and contained within a zipped folder. Each XML file within a folder represents a sale of property and only contains the information provided by the submitter; it does not contain any data that may be added by a county or city. 

Note: User-friendly eCRV information can be found by using the Find an accepted eCRV feature (Public Search).
If the public search function does not meet your needs, you can request current Weekly Sales Extract files by contacting with an email indicating the extract file dates you are requesting.


Sample XML Schema (can be opened in TextPad, WordPad, or an XML tool)