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Last Updated: 6/9/2016

eCRV - Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value

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The Minnesota Department of Revenue is excited to announce two new ways for members of the eCRV community to get involved!  
The eCRV User Group and the eCRV Testing Advisory Panel create additional ways for you to connect, prioritize, and test eCRV enhancements, and share feedback and ideas across the eCRV community.


In 2014, eCRV replaced the paper Certificate of Real Estate Value process. Revenue developed eCRV with the involvement of the Minnesota Electronic Real Estate Recording Task Force, counties, title companies, and real estate agents. The system allows real estate professionals, auditors, treasurers, assessors, public data users, and Revenue to electronically complete, route, record, and analyze eCRVs.
Benefits of eCRV include:
  •  A built in ability for counties to alert submitters when changes are needed; 
  • Workflows that move the eCRV from submitters to assessors, auditors, treasurers, and Revenue;
  • Public eCRV data is in a searchable or downloadable form;
  • A reduction of excess paper use;
  • A sustainable elimination of paper retention costs for counties and the state; and
  • More reliable and complete eCRV data for all users.
 Creating these community groups is the next step in eCRV community engagement. 


eCRV User Group

The purpose of the eCRV User Group is to enhance eCRV community involvement. Members will inform priorities and provide a global perspective across the entire eCRV community in advising eCRV’s strategic direction. User Group members will represent the diverse eCRV user community including the department, title company submitters, county auditors, treasurers, assessors, and external data users.

Why volunteer for the User Group?

User Group members represent the broad, diverse user community. Members advise eCRV priorities and strategies.
User Group members will:
  • Meet quarterly
  • Contribute to eCRVs strategic direction
  • Inform future enhancement priorities for eCRV
  • Participate in global guidance of eCRV
  • Be part of a network of eCRV users influencing global future direction for the product
  • Be the voice for your colleagues
  • Receive and review materials prior to each meeting
  • Communicate the User Group’s work to your colleagues


eCRV Testing Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Testing Advisory Panel is to enhance user involvement and communication when eCRV changes are made. Panel members test and analyze eCRV enhancements using processes and tools developed by Revenue and the panel.

Why volunteer for the Testing Advisory Panel?

Enhancements to eCRV will occur once or twice per year on a set schedule. 
Panel members will:
  • Be part of a network of eCRV users committed to the program’s effectiveness
  • Participate in shaping eCRV for the future
  • Receive detailed information about changes to eCRV before they happen
  • Access the test system as soon as it is available; Revenue will allow at least one month to test the enhancements
  • Test enhancements in your environment using your tools and processes along with those jointly developed by the panel 
  • Share your testing results with the eCRV Testing Advisory Panel
  • Share information about upcoming changes with your colleagues 
Note: Sometimes there may be time sensitive changes. For example, a legislative change may go into effect before the next planned enhancement date. Time sensitive fixes are infrequent, usually much smaller in scope, and require less time to test. Panel members will also test these changes, but with a smaller scope and shorter timeframe.

How can I volunteer?

Revenue is seeking panel members from across the eCRV community. If you are interested in joining the eCRV Testing Advisory Panel, please email a description of your background and how you use eCRV to