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Last Updated: 4/17/2013

eCRV - Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value

eCRV logoThe Department of Revenue is implementing eCRV as an electronic replacement to the four-part paper CRV form. Participants in the eCRV project include the department, counties, the real estate industry and the Electronic Real Estate Recording Commission.

For more about the eCRV project, see below. You may also:

eCRV Availability

eCRV Submission Form Available for Statewide Sales

  • eCRV form available to submitters for use for all sales statewide.
  • A printout of eCRV (or a copy included in an e-recording packet) must be submitted to the county of sale. When a county has adopted the full eCRV system using logins to accept eCRVs, submitters will be directed to save only the eCRV ID to provide with the deed.

eCRV Full System Use by Request for All Counties Statewide

  • All counties may sign up to allow online acceptance, review and editing of eCRV submissions.
  • For counties using full eCRV system, submitters only need to provide the eCRV ID number to submit a sale; the eCRV follows an all-electronic process, replacing paper forms or printouts.
  • A number of counties are already using the full eCRV system.

e-Recording with eCRV

  • For a full eCRV system use county, the submitter will be instructed to save the eCRV ID created on submission, and they may simply include the eCRV ID in the e-recording packet.
  • For all other counties after Dec. 1, a copy of the eCRV PDF must be provided in the e-recording packet to the county. E-recording companies have already adjusted their systems for the transmission of eCRV documents.

How does eCRV work?

  • Submitters fill in the online eCRV form.
  • For sales in counties using the full eCRV system, submitters receive an eCRV ID number on submission.
  • Submitters reference this eCRV ID number when presenting the deed to the county (or send a printed copy of the eCRV form if the county has not yet adopted the full system).
  • Counties using the full system may view eCRV data online, verify and add additional information.
  • In the future, counties using the full system may download eCRV data as XML files to their local systems.

County Participation and eCRV Funding


Call 651-556-eCRV (3278) or email