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Last Updated: 7/11/2012

eCRV County Adoption

Adoption of eCRV by counties is strongly encouraged, but currently voluntary. The department encourages counties to sign up at their convenience to benefit from an all-electronic CRV process.

County contributions are based on the number of CRVs filed in each county in 2005. Additional project funding comes from the Department of Revenue (development costs plus annual maintenance) and the real estate industry ($25,000).

County Sign-up

To sign up for eCRV adoption, counties must:

  1. Notify the department of your intention by sending us an email.
  2. Download and fill out the eCRV Contribution Form.
  3. Send in your eCRV contribution form and check.
    For the amount due, see eCRV County Contributions.

We prefer to receive your full county contribution at sign-up, but if necessary, you may pay half now and half just before your scheduled implementation.

The Department of Revenue will work with counties individually to coordinate the actual implementation and schedule to meet your needs. You may delay implementation if necessary.

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