Virtual Room


What is Virtual Room?

Virtual Room is a secure online exchange system allowing you to share information and files with the Minnesota Department of Revenue for a variety of purposes. Virtual Room:

  • Gives you 24/7 access so you can upload files and respond to messages when it is convenient for you
  • Allows for centralized documentation in one location
  • Transfers data using Revenue’s secure network
  • Promotes collaboration between Revenue, other state agencies, counties, and customers.

How do I get started using Virtual Room?

You will be contacted by a department representative if an activity you are involved with will be using Virtual Room. They will then set up a secure room and you will receive an email with instructions for entering the room.

There are two types of Virtual Rooms:

  • Virtual Discussion Room
    Discussion Rooms are used primarily for collaboration and information sharing between people who are involved with similar processes. For example, many counties use Virtual Room to coordinate work with our Property Tax division.
  • Virtual File Submission Room
    File Submission Rooms are used to securely transfer data into our network.

Already using Virtual Room?

You can log in to Virtual Room if you already set up your password: Enter Virtual Room


If you have questions about Virtual Room, contact your Department of Revenue representative. 

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