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Last Updated: 1/4/2013

Minnesota joins the Modernized Electronic Filing Program

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In 2012, the State of Minnesota will begin its transition to the “Fed/State Modernized Electronic Filing” (MeF) program. This Internet-based electronic filing platform will allow tax preparers to electronically submit both federal and state returns through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) system. The IRS will then submit the state return (Form M1 and Form M1PR, along with federal Form 1040) to Minnesota when the federal return is accepted. If the federal return is rejected by the IRS, the state return will not be submitted. To make the transition to this new program as easy as possible, Minnesota will continue to accept legacy filings during the transition year.  For 2012 only, software companies have the option to support one or both types of returns.


What does this mean for you, as a preparer?

As a preparer, you will create returns using the same software you have in the past. Once you create your returns, one of two things will occur:
  • If the software company you have chosen has transitioned to MeF in 2012, both federal and state returns will be submitted to the IRS, who, upon completion of acceptance checks, will approve and send the return to the state. If you are not ready to file form M1PR when filing Forms 1040 and M1, no problem. File the income tax returns when they are ready, and submit Form M1PR electronically later.
  • If your software continues to use the legacy method, you will notice no change. Returns will be submitted as they have in the past. You should pay close attention to filing messages to ensure accurate filing of both the federal and state returns. You will receive separate return acknowledgements for federal and state returns no matter which filing method your software company uses.

What does this mean for your clients?

Your clients should see no changes in the way their returns are processed. However, there may be a slight delay in refunds if transmissions are delayed from the IRS.  Once your software company transitions to MeF, fewer state returns will need to be amended due to changes in the federal return.

No more waiting 

Once your software company transitions to MeF, you will no longer need to “babysit” returns, waiting for federal acceptance before submitting Minnesota returns. With MeF, once federal returns are accepted, they are automatically sent to the state.  Your software company will handle the transmission and you will only need to look for the separate state acceptance as you have in the past. 


If you have questions regarding the transition to MeF, contact your software vendor.
We expect this process to be seamless for you…and for us!