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Last Updated: 2/11/2019

Tax Fraud

Tax Evasion or Fraud 

The Minnesota Department of Revenue is committed to a fair state tax system. That means every taxpayer should pay what they owe – no more, no less.

Most Minnesota taxpayers file their returns and pay their taxes as they are obligated to do. But when taxpayers don’t obey the law, the department will investigate and may seek criminal charges or other penalties.

We rely on tips from the public and other government agencies to help identify potential tax crimes such as tax evasion or fraud. Department audits and other compliance measures also play a role. Our criminal investigation unit reviews the information and follows up to prove – or disprove – the allegations. We recommend civil action or criminal prosecution, if warranted.

Our investigators have experience in law enforcement, fraud detection, auditing and criminal investigation. Their primary focus is catching taxpayers who intentionally break state tax laws, including those who refuse to file or pay their taxes, lie on their returns, or file false returns or documents.

If you suspect someone of a tax crime, please contact the department by phone, mail or email. Your contact with us is confidential. Click the links below for more information:

Note: There is no reward for reporting tax crimes. Under state privacy laws, we can’t disclose what action we take based on information you provide.