Reporting Federal Tax Changes for S Corporations


If the Internal Revenue Service makes any change or correction to your federal income tax, you must report it to the Minnesota Department of Revenue within 180 days of the final determination.

You must notify us in one of the following ways:

  •  If you agree with the IRS adjustments, and they change your Minnesota tax, file Form M8X, Amended S Corporation Return
  •  If you feel the federal changes are incorrect, or they don’t change your Minnesota tax, mail an explanation letter to the department:

Minnesota Department of Revenue
Mail Station 5175
600 N. Robert St.
St. Paul, MN 55146-5175

In addition, if you amend your federal tax return, you must also file a copy with us within 180 days.

If you do not report federal tax changes within 180 days, you are subject to a penalty equal to 10% of any additional tax due. It also increases the period of time during which we may make adjustments to your Minnesota return.

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