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Last Updated: 5/21/2019

State General Property Tax Payments

County treasurers must send receipts of state property taxes to us after making full settlement with the county auditor. They must send these payments through the department's online e-Services system. For details about using e-Services, see How to use e-Services for State General Property Tax Payments.

Online Settlement Report

Use our interactive form (below) to submit your State General Property Tax Settlement Report. You need Adobe Acrobat or Reader version 9.1 or higher to use this form.

 Note: Do not include TIF payments to the State Auditor with your State General Tax payment.

Due Dates

Settlement and payment due dates for the State General Property Tax are now the same as for school districts. See the table below for the payment schedule. If the due date is on a weekend or holiday, your report or payment is due the next business day. 

​Settlement Report Date

​Payment Date

​Payment Amount

​May 15
​May 24
​50% of estimated collections
June 5
​Remaining 50% of estimated collections
​July 5 ​First-half settlement; Balance of collections
​October 15 ​October 24 50% of estimated collections from the settlement date to Oct. 20​
November 4 Remaining 50% of estimated collections from the settlement date to Oct. 20​
December 2 100% of estimated collections from Oct. 20 to Nov. 20​
January 27 Year-end settlement; The balance of collections not previously paid.​


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