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Last Updated: 10/4/2018

County Board of Appeal and Equalization Forms and Instructions

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County assessors must submit any changes made by the County Board of Appeal and Equalization (CBAE) to the Department of Revenue within five working days after final action of the county board.

  1. Certification Form – Complete one form for each meeting of the CBAE, including data from the original meeting and any reconvene. Keep these forms on file at the county office for audit by the department’s regional representative/property tax compliance officer. Do not submit these forms to the Department of Revenue.

  2. Interactive Adobe Record Form – Submit one form for all CBAE meetings.


Helpful Documents

You must read the following documents before completing the Record and Certification forms.

General Record Form Instructions

Working with Interactive Forms & FAQ's

Step by Step Record Form Instructions 


CBAE Record Form

Click the link below to access the CBAE record form. Once you open the form, save the form to your desktop immediately. Then follow the step-by-step instructions in the document.  

Coming spring of 2019

You must submit CBAE Record Form within five working days after final actions of the county board. To submit the form, click the Submit button on the Adobe Live Cycle form. We will not accept any other submission methods, including email. 


CBAE Certification Form

Keep the completed and signed CBAE Certification Form in your office for audit by the regional representative. 

Coming spring of 2019

 If you receive a pop-up asking for a username and password, click Cancel and the form will open.  


Minutes of the County Board

The requirement for CBAE to send their meeting minutes to the commissioner of revenue was removed during the 2017 legislative session. Those minutes do not need to be sent to the commissioner of revenue however they should be retained by the county for any future requests to review the information.



Email us at or call: Gary Martin, 651-556-6773