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Last Updated: 4/16/2018

Deed Tax Rate

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Deed Tax

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​The state Deed Tax rate is 0.0033 of the net consideration. Hennepin and Ramsey counties have an additional Environmental Response Fund Tax of 0.0001 (ERF Tax).*  



​Deed Tax Rate

​Environmental Response Fund Rate

​State rate for all Minnesota counties



​Hennepin County (ERF Tax)



​Ramsey County (ERF Tax)




Real Property is sold for $ 200,000. Depending where the property is, the Deed Tax would be as follows:  

Location of Sale

Deed Tax Rate

​Tax Due

​Hennepin County

​(0.0033 x $200,000) + (0.0001 x $200,000)


​Ramsey County

​(0.0033 x $200,000) + (0.0001 x $200,000)


​All other Minnesota counties

​0.0033 x $200,000



Consideration: The value given in return for a conveyance of real property. (See Minnesota Statute 287.20 subdivision 2.)

Net Consideration: Consideration less the value of any lien or encumbrance remaining on the property prior to the time of sale and that is not released or satisfied as a result of the sale. An example would be a buyer’s assumption of the seller’s mortgage.

Execution and Delivery: Deed Tax is due when a taxable deed or instrument is presented for recording. (See Minnesota Statute 287.21 subdivision 1[d].) 

* See Minnesota Statutes, section 383A.80 and section.383B.80