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Last Updated: 5/19/2016

County Conservation Fee

Ten Minnesota counties participate in the agricultural land preservation program. These counties impose a fee of $5 per transaction on the recording or registration of a mortgage or deed that is subject to tax under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 287. The only mortgage or deed instruments not subject to the County Conservation Fee would be those exempt under Minnesota Statues, sections 287.04 and 287.22.

The $5 fee applies to any transaction that would be subject to mortgage or deed tax. This would include minimum tax ($1.65) deeds and multi-county mortgages recorded in one of the ten counties even if the mortgage tax was paid in a different county.

​Forms and Instructions

Example​ ​

$100,000 mortgage​

​ ​
​Mortgage Tax $230
​Ag Fee $5
​Recording Fee $46
​Recording in 2nd County ​ ​ ​Mortgage Tax $0
​Ag Fee $5
​Recording Fee $46