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Last Updated: 4/9/2019

Minnesota State Board of Assessors

Welcome to the Minnesota State Board of Assessors! 

This website offers a wide variety of information for licensed Minnesota assessors and those seeking to become an assessor. For more information, meeting schedules, and minutes, see About the Board. If you have any questions, email us at    



Minnesota Rules Chapter 1950 - Board of Assessors

Changes were made to the rules pertaining to the State Board of Assessors and officially adopted on April 8, 2019. These changes take effect for the licensing cycle beginning on July 1, 2016.
For more information on these changes, click on the link below.


Assessor Accreditation

A recent law change extends the deadline to become an Accredited Minnesota Assessor (AMA) and provides a potential waiver from the AMA requirement for qualifying assessors who were licensed before July 1, 2004. 

For more information on these changes, click on the links below.


Disciplinary Actions

Minnesota Statutes authorizes the board to suspend or revoke a license, or to censure, warn or fine licensed assessors for failing to meet statutory requirements, failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Licensed Minnesota Assessors, and other causes (see M.S. 270.41).

The board publishes final disciplinary actions, which are also reported every odd-numbered year to the Minnesota Legislature. Disciplinary actions taken during the 2016-2020 licensing cycle are published below.

Stipluation & Consent Order: Dan Whitman - Martin County


Continuing Education Requirements for Minnesota Assessors

The current continuing education cycle runs July 1, 2016-June 30, 2020. To find board- approved courses and seminars, see the Continuing Education page.   

​If your license level on 7/1/2016 was:

​In order to be re-licensed on 7/1/2020, you need to obtain: ​Your CEHs must include:
​CMA or CMAS ​50 CEHs (Continuing Education Hours) ​Ethics Seminar
​AMA or SAMA ​60 CEHs (Continuing Education Hours) ​Ethics Seminar and PACE Course

From the Board... 2018 March Newsletter

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