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Last Updated: 8/9/2018

Submission Steps

Steps for submitting Annual License Information


Step 1

Prepare an Excel file using a copy of the Annual License Document. Complete all the required fields.

Note: Complete a separate row for each license.  Do not leave blank rows. Do not rename Sheet1 in the Excel file.
  • AUTHORITY CODE – Enter your authority code from the Authority Code List.
  • LICENSE TYPE CODE – Enter the license code from the License Code List.
  • LICENSE NUMBER – If you issue a license number, enter it. If you issue multiple copies of the same license type to the same individual or business, enter a license number.
  • NAME – Enter the legal name associated with the ID provided.
  • You must require the applicant to provide their Social Security number and Minnesota business identification number on all license applications. Enter only IDs which meet the criteria below. Leave all other ID fields blank.
    • MN TAX ID (Minnesota Taxpayer ID Number) – Enter the seven-digit number.
    • FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number) – Enter the nine-digit number.
    • SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) – Enter the nine-digit number.
  • EXPIRATION DATE – Enter the license expiration date. 


Step 2

Rename and save your Excel file with your Licensing Authority name (for example, City of Saint Paul). 


Step 3

Upload the completed file using our Virtual Room system.

Thank you for submitting your license information.