Virtual Room Upgrade Preview


Upgrades are coming on December 31


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Virtual Room is getting a new look and feel on December 31! Get a sneak peek below!

Similar changes were made in Audit Room earlier this fall.

When signing in, you will see all Virtual Rooms you are a member of:

Screen capture showing the room list for a user who is a member of four Virtual Rooms.

As you enter a room, the What's New page shows a list of all new items needing your attention:

Screen capture showing the new items list for a person who has multiple unread items.

The updated look makes it easier to see and find files you need:

Screen capture showing files that are uploaded in a room and available for download.

File Submission rooms have an updated table with faster response times:

Screen capture showing a recently submitted file in a File Submission room.

In a File Submission room, the View Details page shows detailed status history for each submitted file:

Screen capture showing status history of a submitted file.

All rooms are mobile friendly. Below is what the upload file page looks like on a smart phone:

Screen capture showing the page to upload a file from a mobile phone.

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