Milaca tax preparer sentenced for tax crimes

Date of Release

ST. PAUL, Minn. The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced that a Mille Lacs County District Court judge recently sentenced Milaca tax preparer Cindy M. Halgren to up to 23 months in prison for preparing and filing fraudulent tax returns and failing to pay individual income tax. The sentences were stayed while she is placed on supervised probation for five years. In addition, Ms. Halgren must repay more than $24,000 in fines and restitution, perform community service.

Ms. Halgren was originally charged in November 2018 with 45 tax-related felonies. In March of 2020, Ms. Halgren plead guilty to 15 tax-related felonies consisting of 12 counts of preparing and filing fraudulent tax returns and 3 counts failing to pay individual income tax and as a result she was recently sentenced by the district court on June 24, 2020. 

While the department does not license tax preparers or taxpayer representatives, state and federal laws, including Minnesota law, require that tax professionals follow standards of ethics and conduct. The majority of tax professionals follow the law and provide honest service and sound advice. In the rare event that a tax professional does not comply with the law, they may be subject to monetary penalties, criminal prosecution and being barred from preparing returns or representing clients. Taxpayers can report unprofessional conduct through the department’s website or by calling 651-296-3781.

More information on choosing a preparer or a taxpayer representative is available on our website or by searching for “tax preparer” in the Search box of our home page.

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Ryan Brown