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Number Description Tax Type Notice Type
17-12 Corporate Franchise Tax – Sales Factor – Transactional Taxes on Gross Receipts Corporation Franchise Tax
17-09 Corporate Franchise Tax – Net Operating Loss Carryforwards – Sinclair Broad. Grp., Inc. v. Comm'r of Revenue, No. 8919-R, 2017 (Minn. Tax Ct. Aug. 11, 2017) Corporation Franchise Tax
17-02 Individual Income and Corporate Franchise Tax – Nadler v. Commissioner – Minnesota Allocation Policy Corporation Franchise Tax, Individual Income Tax
17-01 Corporate Franchise Tax – Apportionment of Income – Revocation of Revenue Notice # 08-04 Corporation Franchise Tax
16-06 Administration and Compliance - Subpoenas - Reimbursement of Third-Party Record Keepers' Reasonable Costs; Revocation of Revenue Notice # 04-06 Collection Division, Corporation Franchise Tax, Individual Income Tax, Sales and Use Tax, Withholding Tax
16-05 Technical Corrections to Prior Revenue Notices 1992-03, 1993-19, 2006-01, 2008-08, 2010-04, 2014-02 Corporation Franchise Tax, Gross Premiums, Individual Income Tax, Insurance Taxes, Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
13-08 Income and Corporate Franchise Tax - Federal Entity "Check the Box" Classification - Revocation and Replacement of Revenue Notice # 98-08 and Revenue Notice # 97-03 Corporation Franchise Tax, Individual Income Tax
13-07 Corporate Franchise Tax - Royalties, Fees and Other Like Income - Revocation of Revenue Notice # 93-24 Corporation Franchise Tax
13-04 Individual Income, Corporate Franchise, and Estate and Trust Taxes - Furnishing Information Return in Electronic Form Corporation Franchise Tax, Estate Tax, Individual Income Tax
13-02 Corporate Franchise Tax Credit - Job Opportunity Building Zones - Member of a Pass-through Entity Corporation Franchise Tax

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