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Last Updated: 7/25/2018

Payment File Formats

You can submit multiple payments at one time by attaching a payment file in e-Services. The payment file must be in either a delimited tab (.TXT) or comma delimited (.CSV) format.

Creating a File

Payment files must use a specific layout. You can use the Bulk Payment Layout below to help create your file or use the information on the Payment File Requirements page.

Using Excel to create your file?

If you are using Excel to create your file, see our Creating a Payment File Using Microsoft Excel page for instructions.

Attaching a Payment File

Payment files are submitted in e-Services by our attachment process. You can find instructions on our Attaching a Payment File page.

Editing Your File

You may have to edit your file if there are errors or if you are cancelling the payment file before it has been picked up by us for processing. You can find instructions on our Editing Your Payment File page.

Common File Errors

Your file may have errors after you try attaching it in e-Services. We have identified common errors you may have when attaching your payment file. See our Common File Errors Page for details.