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Last Updated: 6/4/2017

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​You must provide notification to the debtor no later than five days after filing a Revenue Recapture claim. See Minnesota Statute 270A.07.

You will need the following information to add a claim:

  • Social Security Number of the debtor(s)
  • Claim amount (Note: The minimum claim amount is $25)
  • Date of debt (when the debt began at your agency)

You can also add:

  • An Agency Control Number (maximum 9 characters, not required).  This is your agency’s own account or reference number for the debt or debtor.
  • Comments (not required; this is for your agency’s own use)

To add a Revenue Recapture claim against a debtor's refunds:

  1. From your e-Services home page, select the Account Type.
  2. Select Add a New Claim in the I Want To section.
  3. Complete the remaining steps as directed in e-Services.
Note:  When adding a claim, verify your agency sent legal notice to the taxpayer.