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Last Updated: 1/12/2018

Third-party Access

What is Third-party Access? 

Every person using our logged in system is required to have their own username, even if they are taking actions for another customer.

Note: A power of attorney must use Third-party Access to gain access to a client's information.

Third-party access provides a secure and convenient way for users to manage accounts for other businesses. Both parties must work together to establish this access. First, a user must request third-party access from a customer. Second, the customer must approve or deny this access request.   

When is this needed?

It depends on your relationship with the business whose accounts you manage, as shown in the table below.

Your business relationship? ​ Need third-party access?
​ Owner or employee of the business  No (Use your e-Services username for the business)
​ Managing accounts for a separate business (client)  ​Yes (Request access for each business you manage)

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