Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS)


Assessors with at least two years of assessment experience who hold a CMA license and complete the appropriate courses may obtain a Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS) license. A CMAS may perform all duties required in the classification and appraisal of real and personal property for property tax purposes.

  • CMAS Requirements - Learn about the required courses and work experience to get a CMAS license.
  • CMAS Application is located on the Assessors Licensing System. You will need to either Sign in or Create an Account to access the application.  

CMAS applications are not required to be reviewed by the board for approval and will be approved as soon as they are reviewed by the board’s program administrator.

Note: The Assessor Accreditation law was changed during the 2017 legislative session. This change affects assessors who are now licensed as a Certified Minnesota Assessor or Assessor Specialist (CMA or CMAS). For details, see Assessor Accreditation Deadline.

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