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Last Updated: 11/8/2018

Local Tax Information

Are you collecting the right local sales taxes? Read about updated local sales tax requirements that could impact you.

Local Tax Information

General Notices — Announcements about local taxes administered by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, including new taxes, rate changes, or taxes that are ending.

Starting a New Tax — Find out how to get a local tax in your area.

Local Tax Fact Sheets — Fact Sheets about local taxes.

Tax Type Codes (Tax Lines) — A list of all the different sales taxes with their line number, name, and rate.


Tax Rate Lookup Tools

You can use these tools to determine the sales and use tax rate - including state and local general taxes - based on the location of the sale.

Calculate rates based on ZIP code or address

Sales and Use Tax Rate Calculator — Enter a street address or nine-digit ZIP code to look up a rate on our website. Best for when you have one or two addresses at a time.

Sales Tax Rate Map –– An interactive map that allows you to search for general local tax rates across Minnesota.

Sales Tax Rate Spreadsheet — Download this spreadsheet to enter a nine-digit ZIP code to look up rates. Best for when you have multiple nine-digit ZIP codes to look up at a time.

Rates and Boundaries Data — Download these index files to program rates into your point-of-sale system. 

Look up rates by city and county

Local Tax Rate Guide — A list of all the cities and counties in Minnesota with a local tax and the rates for each.

Twin Cities Area Local Tax Rate Guide — A list of metro-area counties and cities with a local tax and the rates for each.

Twin Cities Area Sales and Use Tax Rates — A map of metro-area counties and cities showing combined tax rates for each.

Look up tax based on purchase price

Rate Charts — Provides sales tax amounts from $0.01 - $100 for all state and local tax rate combinations throughout Minnesota.