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Last Updated: 3/27/2012

Amending a return? Use the correct version of Form M4X

If you need to amend your Corporation Franchise Tax Return, please make sure you use the correct version of Form M4X, Amended Franchise Tax Return/Claim for Refund.
Starting with tax year 2010, Form M4X is being updated annually; each update applies only to a specific tax year. As a result:

  • To amend returns for tax years before 2010, continue to use the previous Form M4X that applies to all years prior to 2010 – and is labeled accordingly.
  • To amend returns for 2010 and subsequent tax years, use the Form M4X specifically labeled for the tax year(s) you are amending.
  • If you use tax preparation software, be sure to verify that the program is using the correct version of Form M4X for the year you are amending.

For current-year and previous versions of Form M4X, visit the Corporation Franchise Tax Forms page.