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Last Updated: 8/27/2018

Make a Payment for Businesses

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Log in to e-Services to pay and schedule payments from your bank account  

  • Businesses need their Minnesota Tax ID number, password, and banking information to make a payment. We cannot accept funds from a foreign bank. 
  • You can also pay by phone at 1-800-570-3329. 

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Make a one-time payment from your bank account

  • You can also pay by phone at 1-800-570-3329.  
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Pay with your credit or debit card (fee)  

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Pay with ACH Credit 

  • You can pay by ACH credit, when you request a payment through your bank to pay a bill.
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Pay with check and voucher  

  • Mail your check and payment voucher to the address given on the voucher. To process your payment, you must include all information requested on the voucher. 
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Pay with money order and voucher 

  • Follow the same steps as paying with a check (see above).
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Pay in-person with cash

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Pay with a bank wire 

  • You can authorize a direct transfer from your bank account to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. For information on how to make a bank wire transfer, call us at 651-556-3003 or 1-800-657-3909 (toll-free).