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Last Updated: 1/25/2019

About Us

​​Our Mission 

Working together to fund Minnesota's future.

Our Vision

Everyone reports, pays, and receives the right amount: no more, no less.

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation of the high standards of performance and behavior.

  • Integrity: We are honest and ethical because trust is the foundation of our reputation and relationships.
  • Respect: We embrace diversity and respect everyone inside and outside of our agency.
  • Excellence: We expect and reward innovation, flexibility, accuracy, timeliness, and collaboration.
  • Accountability: We ensure the fair and efficient administration of Minnesota's revenue system.

​Our Strategies

  1. Provide customers with information, education, and services.
  2. Create operational efficiencies and leverage technology to  secure customer information, and to meet customer and  employee needs.
  3. Enforce the tax laws by identifying and addressing  patterns of non-compliance.
  4. Listen to our customers, identify and develop improvements to the revenue system.
  5. Foster a productive, innovative, and healthy work environment  that provides opportunities for growth and development.