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Last Updated: 12/27/2018

Department of Revenue Divisions

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Appeals and Legal Services

Appeals and Legal Services interprets the tax laws for the department, handles taxpayer appeals, ensures the department follows the law, and helps draft and change tax laws. The appeals staff work to resolve disputes with taxpayers and helps the Attorney General’s office with tax-related lawsuits.
Terese Mitchell, director 651-296-1022

Building Management

This division manages the department’s buildings, including the Harold E. Stassen Building in St. Paul and other facilities across the state. Division jobs include maintenance and office space planning.
Dave Barber, manager 651-556-6004

Business Planning and Improvement

This division drives agency-wide excellence and works to make the department more effective. They provide training to broaden the knowledge of employees.
Jack Mansun, director 651-556-6009


The department’s enforcement arm, Collection collects unpaid taxes and other government debts, finds delinquent taxpayers, and makes sure they pay their tax bills. 
Sara Westly, director 651-556-6438


The department’s public voice, Communications maintains the department’s website, alerts the public to revenue news, and is the first point of contact for news media. The division designs and writes the tax forms, instructions, and other publications. For media inquiries, call 651-556-6397. View press releases.
Bridget Anderson, acting director 651- 556-6452

Corporate Franchise

This division oversees and collects business income taxes, including the Corporation Franchise Tax and those paid by S corporations, partnerships, and estates and trusts.
Justin Nieman, director 651-556-6889

Criminal Investigation

This division investigates potential tax crimes and determines which cases should be referred to a prosecutor for criminal charges. If you suspect someone of a tax crime, please call 651-297-5195 or 800-657-3500. View tax fraud information.
Karsten Winger, director 651-556-6652 

Financial Management

Financial Management controls the department’s finances. Duties include serving as the department’s accountants, paying expenses and employee payroll, and tracking how well the department is meeting its goals.
Lori Caspers, director 651-556-4059

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management oversees hiring, benefits, and employee records. Duties include tracking the department’s personnel needs and building security. View current job openings.
Kathy Zieminski, director 651-296-3414

Individual Income Tax and Withholding

This division educates taxpayers about their rights and responsibilities, provides tax information to individuals and employers, and responds to taxpayer questions. Other duties include auditing tax returns and identifying taxpayers who have not filed their returns.
Dan Getschel, director 651-556-4871
Income Tax Assistance 651-296-3781 or 800-652-9094

Information Systems: MNIT Partnering with Revenue 

Information Systems oversees the department’s computer and telephone systems. The division plans, develops, and manages the department’s computer networks, software, and electronic databases.
Ted Trenzeluk, director 651-556-6260

Property Tax

This division oversees the administration of the state property tax system by Minnesota counties, educates local officials and citizens about the system, and provides training for property assessors and other officials.
Jon Klockziem, director 651-556-6108

Sales and Use Tax

This division collects state sales and use taxes from businesses and consumers and oversees local sales taxes for some Minnesota cities and counties.
Pam Evans, director 651-556-6814
Sales and Use Tax Helpline 651-556-6181

Special Taxes

This division collects taxes and fees imposed on specific industries and activities. These include mining, cigarettes and tobacco, alcoholic beverages, gambling products, dry cleaning, hazardous and solid waste, gasoline and aviation fuel, insurance policy premiums, and health care providers (MinnesotaCare).
Gina Amacher, director 651-556-6781

Tax Operations

Tax Operations processes documents for the major tax divisions, enters data from those documents into the department’s computer system, and checks the data for accuracy. The division issues and manages Minnesota tax ID numbers for businesses.
Pong Xiong, director 651-556-4839

Tax Research

Tax Research compiles studies and reports on Minnesota’s revenue system for the department, the Legislature, and the public. For a list of current reports, go to Research & Statistics.
Eric Willette, director 651-556-6100