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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Contamination Tax

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  • What is the Contamination Tax?Back to top

    A tax levied on property that has been contaminated by hazardous wastes or other pollutants.

  • How is the Contamination Tax calculated? Back to top

    By determining a “contamination value” for the property, and a “contamination tax rate,” then applying it to the property. The “contamination value” represents how much contaminants have reduced the value of the property. The county assessor determines the contamination tax rate based on such factors as  whether there is a clean-up or management plan in place, and who is responsible for the contamination.

  • What type of property may be subject to the Contamination Tax?Back to top

    Any real property that has been contaminated. The contamination  can affect structures, soil, groundwater, or air for the tax to apply. The tax doesn’t apply to personal property.

  • Is the Contamination Tax eligible for a Property Tax Refund?Back to top

    No. The contamination tax is not actually a property tax, therefore it is not eligible for the Property Tax Refund.