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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • Why did I receive the Intent to Revoke Sales Tax Permit letter?Back to top

    You failed to comply with the requirements for filing and paying your sales tax.

  • How do I avoid sales tax permit revocation?Back to top

    You must file and pay in your debt in full or contact us to discuss payment arrangements for your sales tax debt.

  • What’s required to reinstate a revoked sales tax permit? Back to top

    To reinstate your sales tax permit, you must:

    • File and pay all sales tax debt with secured funds.
    • Pay a security deposit in secured funds.
    • Sign a reinstatement agreement.

  • What if I don’t reinstate my sales tax permit? Back to top

    Once we revoke your sales tax permit, your business is not allowed to make any retail sales, taxable or not. It is a felony to operate without a sales tax permit. We may also charge a fine of $100 a day if you do.