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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Sustainable Forest Incentive Act

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  • What if I want to build on the property?Back to top

    ​The covenant prohibits you from improving or building on any acres enrolled in SFIA. If you might want to build in the future, make sure to exclude any acreage you would build on.

    If you violate the covenant, all of the enrolled acres will be removed from the program, and you will be penalized. The penalty is the total amount of payments you received on all of the land for the previous four years, plus interest. The covenant would still be on the land.
    If you build on acres that were already excluded from SFIA, there is no penalty.

  • What if I sell or transfer the land?Back to top

    You can sell all or a part of the land at any time, but the covenant stays in effect. The new owner must abide by the covenant. The new owner can also enroll in the program for payment.