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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Withholding Tax

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Withholding Tax > File and Pay > Commissioner Filed Return

  • The tax amounts on the letter are not close to my actual taxes. How did the Minnesota Department of Revenue generate this assessment amount?Back to top

    The department used previous filing history and all available information plus inflation to determine the amount of tax due.  When you file your original withholding return, the actual amount of tax will replace the estimated tax amount.  ​

  • My business is closed and I should not have to file. How can I get this resolved?Back to top

    If your business is closed, it is your responsibility to update your information with the department.  Closing your account will remove any future expectations to file.

    If you did not close your account and a Commissioner Filed Return was filed on your behalf, contact us. 

    ​You can close a tax account in e-Services if you no longer need to file and pay that particular tax. Go to the Account Information tab and select Close Account, then complete the remaining steps as directed.


  • I did not have employees this quarter. Do I still need to file?Back to top

    Yes, you must file withholding tax returns if your withholding tax account is active even when there is no withholding for that time period. 

    If you do not expect to have any Minnesota withholding for a substantial period, you should close your account.

    Go to the Account Information tab and select Close Account, then complete the remaining steps as directed.



  • Is there a way to get the penalties removed after I file my return?Back to top

    To request the removal of the penalty from the Commissioner Filed Return, please send in writing a Request for Abatement, which must include your Minnesota tax identification number, your contact information and a detailed explanation of your situation which caused you to not file the return, to:

    Minnesota Revenue
    Mail Station 6501
    St. Paul, MN 55146-6501

    Or by email to:

  • I had a third party bulk filer for the filing quarter of the Commissioner Filed Return. Am I responsible for the penalties or are they?Back to top

    You are responsible for all activity on your withholding tax account. ​

  • When will I be notified if I have been assessed additional penalties after filing my own return?Back to top

    After your return has been processed, the Minnesota Department of Revenue will issue a bill with any additional penalties that are being assessed. If you would like the balance sooner, please provide 48 hours for the processing of your return. Then contact a withholding tax customer service representative. ​

  • I have a confirmation number stating I filed. Why am I being assessed?Back to top

    If you have a confirmation number verifying you have filed a return, please contact a withholding tax customer service representative.​