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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Refund

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Property Tax Refund > File and Pay > Property Tax Return: Cert. of rent paid information for landlords

  • I’m a landlord and the CRP I mailed to a renter who moved out during the year came back as “undeliverable.” What should I do?Back to top

    In case the tenant contacts you, keep a copy of their CRP for two years.

  • My landlord gave me a CRP but it is wrong. What should I do?Back to top

    Contact the landlord to request a corrected CRP. If the landlord refuses, you can contact the Department of Revenue to request a Rent Paid Affidavit (RPA).

    You should make every attempt to obtain a correct CRP from your landlord before requesting an RPA. With an affidavit, you must file Form M1PR on paper (not electronically), and you must include receipts or canceled checks to prove how much rent you paid.