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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • How can I find out if the Department of Revenue is allowing disaster victims more time to file and pay their taxes?Back to top

    ​We’ll post a notice on our website and notify the news media. To get this information by email, sign up here.

  • Do you know if the IRS is extending the due date? Back to top

    Contact the IRS at (866) 562-5227or

  • Will the Department abate penalties if the Governor of MN proclaims the area a disaster but there is no Federal Disaster designation?Back to top

    It is possible. Watch our website for official disaster information.

  • Will the Department abate penalties if a Federal Disaster is declared?Back to top

    It is possible.  Watch our website for official disaster information.

  • What if my records are destroyed in a natural disaster, how do I file?Back to top

    If your records are destroyed in a natural disaster you still need to file a return and pay the tax due.  If you need copies of your state tax returns complete Form M100 and send it to the department.  Additional information about reconstruction your records is available on the IRS website:


  • What can I do to prepare for and recover from a disaster? Back to top

    • Create a backup of paperless financial and tax records. You should keep a set of backup records – including bank statements, tax returns, and insurance policies – in a safe place. The backup records should be stored in a different location than the original set of records.
    • Document valuables and business equipment. Photograph or videotape the contents of your home or business, especially items of higher value. A photographic record can help prove the market value of items for insurance and casualty loss claims.
    • Request an extension of time to file. You may be granted an additional six months to pull your records together and file an income tax return. Extensions only provide additional time to file your return—not to pay. Estimate your tax liability and pay any balance due, along with the extension request, by the filing due date.
    • If you hire someone to prepare your taxes, let him/her know you have been impacted by a disaster so that he/she can tell you what steps to take.

  • Are purchases of disaster related/preventative materials taxable during a disaster (such as sand bags, generators, tarps, sump pumps)?Back to top

    Purchases of disaster related and preventative materials are taxable.  The law does not provide any specific exemption for purchases made during a disaster.