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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What jobs are there at the Department of Revenue?Back to top

    There’s a wide variety of career opportunities at the department. General categories include clerical, technical, professional, supervisory and managerial positions. We’re mostly looking for auditors, collection officers, information technology specialists, accountants, management analysts, researchers, program administrators, and seasonal office workers.

  • Do I need a college degree to apply?Back to top

    That depends. You might need one for a specific job. Other requirements come into play. Those include your work experience, knowledge, skills and ability. Each job posting has a “minimum qualifications” section. You must satisfy those requirements to even be considered for the job.

  • Where are you?Back to top

    The Stassen Building is our central office. It’s in downtown St. Paul, near the State Capitol, at 600 N. Robert St. We have other metro-area offices in Brooklyn Center, Eagan and Edina. Outside the Twin Cities area, we have offices in Brainerd, Duluth, Ely, Eveleth, Mankato, Marshall and St. Cloud. We also hire auditors who work in other states.

  • Can I send my resume directly to the Department of Revenue?Back to top

    We prefer that you submit your resume and apply for positions online, through the State Careers website at Though this site, you can post your resume, search for vacancies and apply for jobs at all state agencies. You can also set up email alerts to notify you when we have job vacancies that fit your interests and skills.

  • Where can I sign up for job notices?Back to top

    You can sign up for email notices on new job postings here. ​

  • How do I apply for Department of Revenue vacancies?Back to top

    You can search for Department of Revenue jobs on the State Careers website at Select “Revenue Dept” in the “department” field of the search form. You can apply for jobs through the website.​

  • Should I apply for every job I am interested in?Back to top

    Yes – but first make sure you have the required qualifications and meet the conditions listed in the “Who may apply” field on the vacancy posting at the State Careers website. ​

  • How will I know that you got my resume?Back to top

    You’ll get an online confirmation once we’ve received your resume through the State Careers website. If you’ve applied for specific jobs, you can find a list of those jobs and their status by selecting “Apply for Jobs” from the menu in your State Job Search Account.​

  • How will I know if the department is considering me for a job?Back to top

    We’ll call or email you during the hiring process or once we’ve made our selection. Make sure your contact information is up to date!​

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about a Department of Revenue vacancy posting?Back to top

    Each job posting lists a contact person. You can also contact the department’s Human Resources office at 651-296-3414.​

  • Does the Department of Revenue conduct background checks?Back to top

    Yes. We do criminal history and tax checks on all applicants before offering them work. You must be current on all individual income tax filing and payment obligations before we can interview you for a job.

  • Do you hire student workers or interns?Back to top

    Absolutely.  Students majoring in such areas as accounting, finance, economics, business administration, marketing, and computer science/information technology could be especially well-suited for working at the department. We post student worker and intern positions on the State Careers website at​