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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Controlled Substance Tax

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  • What is a controlled substance?Back to top

    Any illegal substance. 

  • Do I owe tax on marijuana?Back to top

    Yes, if you manufacture, transport or possess more than 42.5 grams. ​

  • Do I owe Controlled Substance Tax?Back to top

    Yes, if you bring more than 7 grams or 10 doses of any controlled substance into Minnesota. Even though such substances are illegal, you still have to put a tax stamp on each package or container used to transport the substance. 

  • Can any personal information I provide be used against me?Back to top

    There is no guarantee you will not be prosecuted if you pay taxes on marijuana or controlled substances.  However, information in Minnesota Department of Revenue tax reports or returns cannot be used against you in a criminal court proceeding unless someone else obtains the information independently. The information CAN be used in a criminal court proceeding if it involves taxes you owe under the statute.