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Last Updated: 3/18/2019

eCRV - Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value



New Project: eCRV Upgrade

We are upgrading the eCRV system and applications. This project will upgrade eCRV security and online applications. Work began in February 2018.
We will release the improved applications:
  • Public Search
  • eCRV Submit
  • County, City, and Web Services
  • State
  • Extracts
We’ll share more information and details about the changes as the project moves forward. For the latest information, check here or subscribe to our eCRV email updates.


Release Notes


 The upgraded eCRV Submit application is now live! Published on March 19, 2019.


Enhancements include:

  • Responsive web design
  • Collapsible/Expandable Form Sections
  • Dropdown menu for Deed Type
  • Info buttons responding to common questions
  • Reformatted currency fields
  • Re-structured PID entry
  • Re-structured Planned Use and Use Before Sale sections for clarity

5.10 Update: Published on July 31, 2018


The sandbox will be open for testing June 25, 2018 


County/City App:

  • Added the following property type codes:

    • D40 - Residential - NonHomestead - Qualifying Single Residential Unit

    • D41 - Residential - NonHomestead - Qualifying Single Agricultural Unit

    • D42 - Residential - NonHomestead - Qualifying Condominium Type Storage Unit


Web Services:

  • Schema changes to accommodate new property type, planned use, and prior use codes. The following files have changed:
    • ecrvBaseTypes.xsd

    • DeleteParcelCountyService.wsdl

    • DownloadService.wsdl

    • RouteService.wsdl

    • SearchService.wsdl

    • UpdatePropertyAttributeService.wsdl

    • UploadCountyDataService.wsdl

    • UploadParcelCountyService.wsdl

    • UploadService.wsdl


Public Search Upgrade: Published on August 13, 2018. Public Search Upgrade (beta) published on July 12, 2018.


Public Search App:

  • New responsive web design
  • Improved search options:
    • Custom Search
      • Ability to search by date range (previously was one month at a time)
      • Ability to search by multiple counties
      • Ability to search by multiple jurisdictions within one county
      • Removed "Date Accepted" date option for searches
    • Search by Parcel ID
      • The system will display the county parcel ID format (no longer necessary to enter the formatting characters for a search)
    • Search by eCRV ID
  • Improved search results display table
    • Able to filter and sort the search results
    • Able to increase the number of results displayed on one page
    • Added "County" to the results table
    • Clicking on an eCRV ID will open the CRV in a new browser tab
  • Fixed defect where the Land and Building Values were not correctly displayed on a completed CRV
  • Legal description attachments can be opened from the search results
  • Search results are limited to 500 (need to refine search if it exceeds 500)​



5.9 Update: Published on December 21, 2017

Submitters App:
  • Added the following planned or prior use:
    • Residential - Cabin/Vacation Home
    • Residential - Rental/Investment (one unit)
  • "Balloon Payment Amount" and "Balloon Payment Date" are now required fields when the financing type is a contract for deed or an assumed mortgage.
County/City App:
  • County users may now export any of the "Unaccepted eCRV Lists" as a CSV file.
  • Added the following property types:
    • Manufactured Home Park - Manufactured Home Park - Class One
    • Commercial - Qualifying Commercial Use - Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organization (Non-Revenue)
    • Commercial - Qualifying Commercial Use - Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organization (Donations)
  • The school district code now appears in front of the school district name under the "Parcels" tab.

State App:

  • State users can now enter a "Balloon Payment Date" in the past. 

Web Services:

  •  Schema changes to accommodate new property type, planned use, and prior use codes. The following files have changed:

    • ecrvBaseTypes.xsd
    • DeleteParcelCountyService.wsdl
    • DownloadService.wsdl
    • RouteService.wsdl
    • SearchService.wsdl
    • UpdatePropertyAttributeService.wsdl
    • UploadCountyDataService.wsdl
    • UploadParcelCountyService.wsdl
    • UploadService.wsdl



5.8 Update: Published on August 31, 2017

Submitters App:
  • The language on the Sales Agreement tab will change from "Special Assessments Paid by Buyer" to "Delinquent Special Assessments Paid by Buyer," to clarify what is being requested. 
County App: 
  • An optional text box will now be available when a county accepts a sale for the state study. This is to provide additional information to the state.
Web Services:
  • The County Final Indicator was fixed so that it reflects "true" when applicable.
  • The following additional fields were added to Web Services for the County tab:
    • County
    • Deed Type
    • Sales Adjustment Amount
    • Sales Adjustment Notes
    • Neighborhood Code
    • Good for County Study Indicator
    • Rejection Reason
    • Rejection Notes
    • Good for State Study Indicator
    • Rejection Reason
    • Rejection Notes
    • Counties will have the ability to add and delete parcels using Web Service

         Allowing counties to complete two entire sub tabs using Web Services.


5.7 Update: Published on April 6, 2017

The sandbox will be open for testing February 17, 2017
Public Search and Sales Extract
  • The Sales Extract will now correctly display the “Number of Payments” on sales with multiple mortgages.
  • The “Jurisdiction” drop-down in the Public Search will allow repeated searches within the same county without clearing out.
Submitters App: 
  • Submitters will be limited to 100 characters in the “Payment Type Other” field, so they don’t receive an error when submitting anything longer than 100 characters.
County/City App: 
  • When a county or city user selects "Reject" for either study recommendation, the app will now correctly remember that selection when moving between tabs.
  • If a user leaves land or building value blank in the "Property Types" tab, the app will require those fields rather than filling them in as "0".
State App: 
  • “Deeded Acres” will now pull from “Property Attributes” in the “County” tab, rather than from “Planned Use(s) of the Property” in the “Property” tab in the state search.
  • The state search will now pull the “Market Value” from the city version of an eCRV when an eCRV comes from a city.
  • Classification tables will correctly show up in the state app, including for sales with both 2a and 2b breakdowns.

Web Services:

  • Fixed download error when an eCRV has a workflow step from city.
  • Fixed the Buyer Appraisal Indicator error form download service. Currently, the incorrect value is assigned to the Buyer Appraisal Indicator.
  • Fixed the search web service, currently when searching by "CurrentWorkflowStepID” using a workflow step id of 0, the search result returns all eCRVs that ever had that step.



5.6 Update: Published on December 2, 2016


The sandbox will be open for testing September 23, 2016


City, County, and State Applications, Web Services, and Weekly Extract


Property Type Update to County App

  • First tier group will now include:
    • Apartment
    • Seasonal Residential Recreational – NonCommercial
    • Seasonal Residential Recreational – Commercial
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Exempt

  •  First tier group “Airport/Aircraft” is renamed to “Airport/Hangar”.
  • There will no longer be a “Yes/No” question regarding exemption.
  • The second tier will remain optional and options will be reorganized based upon the new first tier alignment.
  • The "Deeded Acres" field will become required if "Agriculture" or "Rural Vacant" is chosen as the Property Type Group.

Agricultural Classifications in County App

  • The "Agricultural Classifications" table that pops up when "Agriculture" is chosen as Property Type Group will have the field "Exempt Native Land" relabeled to “Exempt Native Prairie Land”.
 Reject Reason in County App
  • The following “Reject Reason” choices will no longer be allowed: "1-old sale", "13-duplicate CRV", "28-nursing homes”, and “28-manufactured home parks”.

Web Services Documents


Although the documents have already changed, the documented web services changes will not be available for testing in the sandbox until September 23. The following documents have been changed:

  • XSD ecrvBaseTypes
  • WSDL DownloadService
  • WSDL RouteService
  • WSDL SearchService
  • WSDL UpdatePropertyAttributeService
  • WSDL UploadService

 County Application

  • Currently the “Unaccepted” tab shows eCRVs that have been accepted by the county and then unaccepted back to the submitter. The screen will be expanded to show and label two additional types:
    • eCRVs that are awaiting initial acceptance by the county
    • eCRVs that were rejected by the county and never initially accepted

State Application

  • "Market Value" in the search results will now show the “Total Market Value” from the county version of the eCRV
  • Search results in the State app will be sortable by a new “Submission Date” column
  • County Assessment data will be added to the "State eCRV" tab

Public Search

  • When searching for non-residential eCRVs, you will now be able to search multiple counties at once. If the property use or property type is residential, you will still have to search by one county.

5.5 Update: Published on June 24, 2016 


The sandbox is now open for testing the 5.5 update.

  • Retrieve Edit PIN - Submitters will be able to retrieve their Edit PIN through the eCRV website if he or she forgot or lost it. Instead of calling or emailing the eCRV Support Team, submitters will click a link and answer several questions about the eCRV that was entered. After providing correct information, the Edit PIN will be provided to the submitter. This will apply to the 8-digit Edit PIN for submitted eCRVs.
  • Removal of Deed Tax Calculator - This change will complete the process of fully removing the deed tax calculator from the county application.
  • Sequence Number Validation Rule - This change will create a validation rule for entry of sequence numbers by county users in the "Sequence ID" column. Only positive whole integers and 0 will be allowed.
  • Web Services Accepted Indicator - This update will impact the "CountyAccepted_Indicator" in the download web service so that it aligns with the "CountyAccepted_DateTime" indicator. The change will ensure that both indicators will either both be True or both be False. Web Services documentation will not be updated due to this change.



5.4 Patch Update: Published on January 29, 2016 

  • Property Type requirement - County users will no longer be required to enter the "Property Type" field. The "Property Type Group" will remain required. Because of how the property dropdowns were previously organized, this change has caused "Property Type Group" to be a new code field for Web Services called "PropertyGroupCde." This field will always be present in the Web Services download and "PropertyType" may still be present as it is an optional field. The following Web Services documents have been changed based upon this new code:

    • ecrvBaseTypes

    • ecrvTypes

    • DownloadService WSDL

    • RouteService WSDL

    • SearchService WSDL

    • UpdatePropertyAttributeService WSDL

    • UploadService WSDL

    • Web Service API reference.

  • Public Search application - This fixes a problem where eCRVs accepted in the first 12 hours or the last 12 hours of the month were not being included in the search results list.

  • Web Services – This fixes a problem where a download call could fail in certain circumstances.  The temporary workaround had been to check the "Use Codes Corrected or Verified" box.
  • Web Services – Updated Web Service documents to include deed type codes "PERREPDEED" and "SPECWARNTY" and adjustment type code "SPECASESSMT." These codes were added to the code tables earlier in 2015 but were not included in the Web Services documents. The affected Web Service documents are:
    • WSDLDownloadService WSDL
    • WSDLSearchService WSDL
    • WSDLUploadService WSDL
    • WSDLUpdatePropertyAttributeService WSDL
    • WSDLRouteService WSDL
  • Web Services – Property program codes AGP-M and AGP-NM were causing failures on download.  The codes are being changed to AGP_M and AGP_NM on all eCRVs which have these programs indicated.  This will be reflected in the web services implementation of ecrvBaseTypes.
  • County application – Fixes a problem where deprecated property type codes A00, B00, D00 were still being included in the pick list.  These codes will still appear in existing eCRVs, but will not be available for selection on new eCRVs.
  • County application – The "Assess Year of Values Given" field is becoming a required field. Currently the land and building value fields are required and this change aligns with the overall intent of this data area.
    • Please note that all CRVs that are in county workflows at the time of this update will have "2015" auto-populated in this field to prevent them inadvertently erroring out. This will only be done to CRVs that are in the county workflows; all future CRVs will not be auto-populated but the field will be a required field.
  • County and City applications – Eliminates the ability for local staff to re-enable the deed tax display.  The display was already turned off in all counties.
  •  All applications – Fixes a problem where the rule that deed acreage must be numeric was not being enforced.