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Last Updated: 10/3/2017

Sales and Use Tax 2010 Statistics

The sales and use tax amounts include the 6.875% general rate sales and use, 4.469% mobile home, 6.5% in-lieu lottery, additional 2.5% liquor, and additional 6.2% car rental taxes.   The motor vehicle sales tax amounts are not included.

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State Totals by Selected Cities, All Businesses  (Sortable)

State Totals by County  (Sortable)

Statewide by 3-Digit Industry Code 

Statewide by 4-Digit Industry Code 

State by County, Retail Only (NAICS 44 and 45) 

State by Selected Cities Retail Only (NAICS 44 and 45) 

Liquor Sales and 2.5% Tax by County 

Lodging Tax (NAICS 721) by County 

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