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Last Updated: 12/1/2017

Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS)

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You must have a Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS) license if you hold a contract with a city or township that requires CMAS as shown on the Jurisdictional License Level List.  

  • CMAS Requirements - Learn about the required courses and work experience to get a CMAS license.
  • CMAS Application - Complete this application online, print, and mail to the Minnesota State Board of Assessors.

Types of CMAS License

There are two levels of Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist license: CMAS and CMAS-IQ (Income Qualified). CMAS-IQs complete additional courses and may appraise commercial properties. See the table below for details. 

Type of License


Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS)

  • ​May classify any type of property
  • May appraise only non-commercial property:
    • Agricultural
    • Residential (including mobile homes)
    • Seasonal recreational (cabins)
    • Vacant land
  • Cannot appraise income-producing (commercial) property
  • Must complete minimum CMAS requirements
Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist- Income Qualified (CMAS-IQ)
  • May perform any of the CMAS duties (above)
  • May appraise income-producing (commercial) property
  • Must complete two board-approved income courses in addition to the minimum CMAS requirements
  • Note: The Assessor Accreditation law was changed during the 2017 legislative session. This change affects assessors who are  now licensed as a Certified Minnesota Assessor or Assessor Specialist (CMA or CMAS). For details, see Assessor Accreditation Deadline.