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Last Updated: 1/9/2015

Form 1099-G – Record of Income Tax Refund

Form 1099-G is the record of your Minnesota income tax refund. The Minnesota Department of Revenue is required to send you this information by Jan. 31 of the year after you got the refund.

Form 1099-G is issued for informational purposes only. It’s not a bill, and you shouldn’t send any payment in response to this statement.

What should I do with this statement?

Keep Form 1099-G with your tax records. You may need it to calculate taxable income on your federal tax return. For more information, see the Form 1040 Instructions on the IRS website.  

How is the 1099-G calculated?

In most cases, the amount on your Form 1099-G is your tax due minus your withholding and estimated tax payments. It does not include the following refundable credits:

  • Child and Dependent Care Credit

  • K-12 Education Credit

  • Working Family Credit

Why is the amount on Form 1099-G different from the refund on my return?

It may be different if you:

  • Contributed to the Nongame Wildlife Fund

  • Made changes to your return (filed an amended return)

  • Claimed any Business and Investment Credits (on Schedule M1B)

The amount may also be different if we made changes to your return.

What if I didn’t get the amount on Form 1099-G?

Check your return. You may have chosen to apply some or all of your refund to:

  • Estimated tax

  • A penalty for underpaying your estimated tax

We also may have used some or all of your refund to pay:

  • Other taxes you owe us

  • Debts you owe to another government agency, criminal fines, delinquent child support payments

For more information, see Revenue Recapture.