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Last Updated: 5/23/2014

Outreach and Education Programs

The Income Tax and Withholding Division offers outreach and education for taxpayers, preparers, and employers. These programs help us build partnerships with various groups in Minnesota so we can understand their needs and provide tailored assistance, updates, and information.

Some of the communities we work with include:

  • Taxpayers who are minority, low-income, elderly, have disabilities, or speak limited English
  • Military service members
  • Tax preparers, both paid and volunteer
  • Employers and their representatives

Education is focused on helping groups and individuals obtain the services and information they need to meet their tax obligations and to be informed about the state’s revenue system.

We can provide information and resources about:

  • Free tax preparation help for qualified individuals
  • Tax credits and refunds, and how to qualify for them
  • Minnesota tax laws
  • Taxpayer rights and responsibilities
  • Department initiatives, systems, and other announcements

Our Outreach and Education tax specialists are available for group presentations. Some services are offered in languages other than English. For more information, go to Outreach and Education Contacts.