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Last Updated: 6/4/2017

View Third-party Access

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‚ÄčAs an e-Services Master, you can view previously approved Third-party Access requests and manage those users. For additional information on each option, see the sections below.

Viewing Previously Approved Third-party Access Requests

If you want to review who has been granted third-party access, you can find that information when you Manage 3rd Party Access. You will see all of the users who have been granted access regardless of the e-Service master who approved the request. To access Manage 3rd Party Access:

  1. Select Manage my profile in the I Want To section.
  2. Select Manage 3rd Party Access.
  3. Select View Prior 3rd Access requests to your account(s).
  4. A list of third party User IDs will display. You can see who approved this request by viewing the information under the Completed by Column.


Remove Third-party Access

 You can remove a user's third-party access to your accounts. Steps on removing their access can be found on our Removing Accounts for a User's Access page.

Note: You can not remove their access (end the user's access) completely.