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Last Updated: 6/4/2017

Declare Payment Received

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Customers with debts referred to us must make their payments directly to us to ensure they apply correctly. Your agency may occasionally receive a payment for a referred debt. You must report 100% of these direct payments to us through proper payment channels within five business days to ensure the balances update appropriately. 

  1. Open the referred debt to declare a payment. For more information on how to locate a debt, see Search for Referred Debts.
  2. Select Declare Payment Received.
  3. Select a reason for the payment. The options are:
    • Direct Pay - the debtor made a payment directly to your agency
    • Misapplied - a payment you previously declared applied incorrectly and requires adjustment
    • Returned Check (NSF) - a payment you previously declared was returned to you for non-sufficient funds (NSF)
    • Rev Recap - you received a payment from a Revenue Recapture claim you filed prior to referring the debt
    • Vendor Offset - you received a payment from a vendor offset
  1. Enter the payment amount. When declaring a return or misapplied payment, enter a negative amount.
  2. Enter the date you received the payment at your agency in the Enter Payment Effective Date field. When declaring a returned or misapplied payment, enter the same date as when your agency originally declared the payment.
  3. Review the optional fields: 
    • Enter Payment Deposit Date is an optional field. You can indicate the date your agency deposited the payment.
    • Bank Information fields are optional. Providing this information may:
      • Assist in the collection of the referred debt
      • Allow the department to maintain records comparable to your agency
      • Answer debtor questions regarding payments for the referred debt
  1. Select Submit.