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Last Updated: 6/6/2017

Deposit Discrepancies

If your deposits do not match the deposits we have on record for the period you are filing, please follow the steps below to verify the correct deposits.

To check deposits for a Withholding Tax account

  • Log in to e-Services
  • Under the Accounts tab, select the Withholding Tax link
  • Under the I Want To menu located on the to right side of the screen, select Manage Payments 
  • Select View Account Payments

Your deposit does not appear under View Account Payments

  • If you made a deposit over two weeks ago and received a confirmation number, check with your bank to be sure the payment was not cancelled.  If the bank cancelled the payment, remake the payment.  If the bank did not cancel the payment, please call a withholding tax customer service representative.
  • If you made a deposit in the two weeks before filing your return, the deposit may not be processed yet.  Continue filing your return.  The e-Services system will show you owe money, but the system will reconcile itself when the payment finishes processing.  You may also wait to file your return until the payment is processed. 
If your deposit appears under View Account Payments but it is listed in the wrong filing period, contact a withholding tax customer service representative to have the deposit moved to the correct period.