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Last Updated: 2/26/2018

Tobacco Tax

New Reservation Sales Account in e-Services

We created a new Reservation Sales account in e-Services that is available for the January 2018 period (due February 20, 2018).

How does this affect me?

You have the option to file your tobacco sales on reservations information electronically.

You can key your information directly into e-Services or enter the information into our import template and then upload the file into e-Services. (See Filing Electronically.)

If you file on paper. Use Tobacco Sales on Reservations (Form TSR) instead of Tobacco Sales on Native Reservations (Form CT301-N).

For more information, see Tobacco Sales on Reservations.

New Video on Cigarette and Tobacco Retail Inspections

We have a new video about what happens during a cigarette and tobacco retail inspection and what the retailer's responsibilities are.

In the video, we cover how we:

  • identify ourselves when we arrive
  • inspect cigarette products
  • review retail tobacco licenses
  • inspect tobacco invoices
  • seize untaxed cigarette or tobacco products

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