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Last Updated: 3/20/2018

Tobacco Tax

​Who must file and pay Tobacco Tax?​

Distributors pay the Tobacco Tax to the Minnesota Department of Revenue on tobacco products.

The tax applies to all tobacco products in Minnesota (except cigarettes). The tax is charged when a distributor:

  • brings tobacco products into Minnesota or has them transported into Minnesota from outside the state;
  • makes or manufactures tobacco products in Minnesota for sale in the state; or
  • ships or transports tobacco products to retailers in Minnesota for sale by those retailers.

What are the tax rates?

​Tax Type

​Product Type

​Tax Rate

Moist Snuff

​Any finely cut, ground, or powdered smokeless tobacco that is intended to be placed or dipped in the mouth.

A container of moist snuff is a consumer size can, package, or other container that is marketed or packaged for sale to a retail purchaser. ​

Container that weighs 1.2 ounces or less is 95 percent of the wholesale sales price or $3.04, whichever is greater.

Container that weighs more than 1.2 ounces is 95 percent of the wholesale sales price, or $3.04 multiplied by the ounces and divided by 1.2, whichever is greater.

​Premium Cigars

​A hand-constructed cigar that has a wrapper made entirely from whole tobacco leaf and a filler and binder made entirely of tobacco (except for adhesives or other materials used to maintain size, texture, or flavor) with a wholesale price of $2.00 or more.

​​95 percent of the wholesale sales price or $0.50 per cigar, whichever is less.
​​Tobacco Tax ​Applies to cigars, smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco,
e-cigarettes, and vapor products.
​​95 percent of the wholesale sales price of the tobacco product.
​Tobacco Use Tax ​Applies to tobacco products individuals bring into Minnesota on which they did not pay Minnesota taxes and fees. See Tobacco Use Tax

When are the return and payment due?

You must file a return and pay the tax by the 18th of the month to report the previous months' sales in Minnesota. You must file a return even if you had no sales to report.

How do I file?

You can file:

What are my payment options?

You can pay this tax:

See Make a Payment for details.