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Last Updated: 7/12/2016

Utilities Sales Tax Refund

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Utility service providers can file Form ST11, Sales and Use Tax Refund Request and Multiple Period Amended Return to request refunds for any Minnesota or local sales taxes they already remitted on behalf of customers who are now claiming they were exempt from sales tax for previous reporting periods.

Use Form ST11 to adjust taxable sales figures for multiple periods with a single filing. You may also file a separate amended return for each period that needs to be adjusted.

To qualify, you must the following requirements:

  • You’re in the business of providing utility services to customers.

  • You’re currently registered to collect and remit Sales and Use Tax in Minnesota.

  • You’re adjusting taxable sales figures for more than one period.

If your Minnesota tax ID number has changed during the request period, you must file a separate request for each ID number.

Required Documentation

You must include a schedule with your request that lists the following information for each period:

  • Month and year the tax was invoiced and reported

  • Amount of Minnesota sales tax requested

  • Amount of local sales tax requested

You may submit this information electronically on a CD or as an attachment to an email. We may request additional documentation, such as copies of exemption certificates. Keep copies of your refund claim and all supporting records for at least 3½ years.