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Last Updated: 12/31/2015

Taxable Sales

Items included in the sales price

The sales price includes all charges necessary to create the taxable product. The entire amount billed to the customer is taxable, even if services are separately stated, because the end product could not exist without the labor and materials to create the images.

Examples of items and services included in the sales price:

  • ​consultation

  • ​printing

  • ​copyright or licensing fee

  • ​retouching photos

  • ​delivery charges

  • ​props

  • ​editing

  • ​sitting or session fee

  • ​models

  • ​stylists

  • ​re-take charges

  • ​travel expenses (including taxes paid)

  • ​production labor charges

  • ​wardrobe

Note: If the customer pays for a sitting fee or other services but does not purchase any tangible photos or proofs, there is no taxable sale.

Sales tax rate

To determine the tax rate, use the location where the product is received by the customer. Local taxes may apply in addition to state tax. To find the rate, enter a valid address or nine-digit ZIP Code into the Sales Tax Rate Calculator. If the photo shoot or delivery is in another state, check with that state to determine if its tax applies.

Example 1: Your photography studio is in Minneapolis. You take photos at a wedding and reception in Duluth. The couple now lives in Saint Paul. You provide proofs to the customer on a flash drive at your studio, but deliver the finished canvas and albums to the customer’s home address in Saint Paul. You send an additional album to the bride’s mother in Wisconsin.

  • The flash drive you provided at your studio is taxed at the rate in effect for Minneapolis.
  • The finished canvas and albums delivered to the couple’s home are taxed at the rate in effect for St. Paul.
  • If the mother’s album is separately stated, no Minnesota tax is due on the out-of-state delivery.

Example 2: You’re a photographer who sends images to a photo processing lab. The lab prepares the prints and sends them to the customer in Rice County. You bill the customer for taking the photos and for the final prints. The entire charge is taxable at the rate in effect for Rice County.