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Last Updated: 10/13/2017

Mining Statistics

 Production Data  

​2016 Taxable Production and Tax by Mine 

​Production Tonnage by Mine (2009-2016)

2016 Production Tonnage by Product Type

​Minnesota Taxes Levied on Iron Mining-Related Activity (2009-2016)

Changing Trends in Minnesota Tax Production


Production Tax Data  

​2017 Distribution of Production Tax  Distributions to Cities and Townships (2010-2017)
Distribution of Mining Taxes 2016  Distributions to Counties (2010-2017)
​​2017 Distributions by Fund to Cities and Townships Distributions to School Districts (2010-2017)
​​2017 Distributions by Fund to Counties Distributions by Fund/Recipient (2013-2017)
2017 Distributions by Fund to School Districts Taconite Residential Homestead Credit Examples
​​School Bond Payments Taconite Produced and Production Tax Collected
​​Production Tax Rate History and Index Summary


Occupation Tax Data 

Occupation Tax by Company​ Occupation Tax by Product Type
​Occupation Tax Averages-Taconite Only


 Supplementary Mining Related Figures  

DJJ Major Withdrawals and TEPF Fund Balances 2015 Taconite Property Tax Relief Fund Distribution
Taconite Property Tax Relief Fund Balance Iron Ore Production Comparison (World, U.S. and MN)
Minnesota Taconite Production Summary (1950-2016) Minnesota Taxes Levied on Mining-Related Activity (1956-2015)
World Direct Reduced Iron Production Employment and Mine Value by Mine