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Last Updated: 7/10/2018

Mining Statistics

Production Data  

2017 Taxable Production and Tax by Mine 

Production Tonnage by Mine (2010-2017)

2017 Production Tonnage by Product Type

​Minnesota Taxes Levied on Iron Mining-Related Activity (2009-2016)

Changing Trends in Minnesota Tax Production


Production Tax Data   

 ​2018 Distribution of Production Tax  Distributions to Cities and Townships (2011-2018)
 Distribution of Mining Taxes 2016  Distributions to Counties (2011-2018)
​​2018 Distributions by Fund to Cities and Townships Distributions to School Districts (2011-2018)
​​2018 Distributions by Fund to Counties Distributions by Fund/Recipient (2014-2018)
2018 Distributions by Fund to School Districts Taconite Residential Homestead Credit Examples
​​School Bond Payments Taconite Produced and Production Tax Collected
​​Production Tax Rate History and Index Summary


Occupation Tax Data 

Occupation Tax by Company​ Occupation Tax by Product Type
​Occupation Tax Averages-Taconite Only


Supplementary Mining Related Figures  

DJJ Major Withdrawals and TEPF Fund Balances ​2017 Taconite Property Tax Relief Fund Distribution
​Taconite Property Tax Relief Fund Balance ​Iron Ore Production Comparison (World, U.S. and MN)
​Minnesota Taconite Production Summary (1950-2017) ​Minnesota Taxes Levied on Mining-Related Activity (1956-2016)
​World Direct Reduced Iron Production Employment and Mine Value by Mine